“One of the best debuts of the decade.” ~ The Globe 100

DARK AUGUST — Augusta (Gus) Monet is living an aimless existence with her grifter boyfriend when her great grandmother dies. Ditching her guy, Gus returns home. Her inheritance turns out to be a dilapidated house and a dog named Levi. While combing through the house, Gus stumbles upon a trunk filled with childhood belongings, as well as cold case files that belonged to her mother, a disgraced police detective. Determined to finish her mother’s investigation, her search leads her to a ghost town where Gus inadvertently stirs up the evils of the past, hurtling her towards a terrible truth that culminated one dark August night, a decade earlier, when lives were lost and secrets were presumed buried forever.

*International Bestseller

*Apple Book of the Month

*Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize Short List

*Ottawa Book Award Nominee

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