BURIED ROAD (COMING DECEMBER 3, 2024) — Three years after a devastating loss during a camping trip at Sandbanks Provincial Park, Gus Monet and her young daughter, Bly, are drawn back to Prince Edward County when new evidence emerges that turns the cold case red hot. Searching for answers, the pair vow to find out what really happened and expose whoever went to deadly lengths to destroy their lives. Told in the compelling voice of young Bly, this edge-of-your-seat thriller culminates in a heart-pounding, soul-crushing finale. Infused with vivid summer imagery, eerie abandoned places, and sinister small town secrets, Buried Road is the story of a young girl led ever closer to danger by her mother’s stone-cold resolve, and yet it’s this very same resolve that might be what ensures their survival in the end.

“A fast-paced, exciting, missing persons thriller with a heart pounding twisty final third…” New York Times bestselling author Adrian McKinty

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