One cannot help but notice that Katie’s eye is drawn to the artifacts and images women are most intimately in touch with; a mother’s lipstick applied just so, a torn stocking repaired with fingernail polish, anonymous high heeled shoes sticking out of a bathroom stall after an excruciating day on the job as a waitress. This bird’s eye view into a woman’s head can be unnerving if you’re not used to seeing that strange and beautiful territory depicted on the screen.” ~ Erica Weingart from an OHFTA article.


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see through


split shift

“It’s Clerks on estrogen.” Jeff Ross, Director, San Francisco Independent Film Festival on Juiced
 “Hilarious. Not to be missed.” Wesley Morris, San Francisco Examiner on Juiced
“Obscenity-laced, routinely vulgar, occasionally shocking, disarmingly clever and undeniably funny.”
Tony Atherton, The Ottawa Citizen on Juiced