my first novel

It’s taken a few years, a bunch of rewrites, a story edit, some reader reports and countless bouts of self-doubt, but I’ve finally completed my first novel, 22 Mondays. Now I begin the work of finding the right literary agent. In the “news” section of my website, I’ll post updates about the progress I’m making towards getting published and I’ll share reflections on my writing life. If you’d like to receive an email when I post something new, please sign up here. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hopefully inspiring yours.
22 Mondays is a savage, nail-biting thriller of a love story. Jimmy and Julep were high school sweethearts. Two decades later their messy romance comes to a screeching halt in a bad car wreck deep in the woods. Jimmy’s pinned in the front seat of his yellow Firebird. Julep’s locked in the trunk. What went wrong? Whatever’s kept them tearing each other apart their whole lives, now has them teetering on the edge of a cliff. As the hours lurch by, Jimmy realizes he’s hurt bad. His mind is a boozy haze. Once Julep grasps that she hasn’t been kidnapped by some psycho and it’s her ex who stuffed her in the truck of a car, she’s royally pissed. But her sore head has her struggling to remember why or when or how it all started. Only thing she can do is give him the bastard the silent treatment while he whines and howls in pain. As they lay dying, they both remember it all, every fight, every fuck. Their memories tumble towards childhood as death gets closer and life flashes before their eyes. True Romance, The Dog Stars, The Road, The Story of My Life – 22 Mondays is imbued with the same visceral spirit as these works. It’s a story about trashy young love – the kind that can be cruel and sexy, yet painfully awkward and tender. It’s a story that defies the reader to look away and to hate the characters, but equally compels them to keep reading as events spiral out of control and they find themselves rooting for these two broken souls.