22 Mondays

Jimmy and Julep met in high school. Two decades later their messy romance comes to a screeching halt in a bad car wreck. Jimmy’s pinned in the front seat of his yellow Firebird. Julep’s locked in the trunk.

Maybe the years of cheating and stalking and emotional shitstorms finally came to a head. Maybe Julep never knew how to love him and maybe Jimmy loved her too damn much. Whatever’s kept them tearing each other apart for a lifetime, might be what finally sends them careening over the edge.

“I think this is a rather stunning accomplishment … you’ve somehow managed to write a story that readers will have a hard time turning away from. It’s more than just watching a car wreck, though. It’s watching two people repeatedly make poor choices because they ultimately have no choice. There’s a strange grace in their saga – and evidence that the magic that is inherent to the “soul mate” relationship is the same stuff that fuels spontaneous combustion. It’s the beautiful ache. The ugly beautiful. All those paradoxes and more.” Stephen Parolino, editor, The Novel Doctor

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