I am strong and feeble, wishy-washy and focused. I am flawed to perfection. I do not need to change, to be super human or to fix myself. I resolve to be more wild and unruly, more at ease with my ambiguity – with those peaceful parts of me that gently sway to the tap, tap, tappings of my soul and those rebellious parts that feel like raising one fist clenched in rage.

I am like a seed – a little scattered, but nonetheless wafting in the breeze of my own momentum. I resolve to honour and believe in every part of me, even that which is undiscovered and that which is inconsistent.

Resolve is simply a way of listening intently, understanding deeply and then making up your mind to own your path.

Resolve can help you create a life you believe in – a life that resonates deeply within your soul. It is a loving voice. It is not the voice of those telling you that you don’t have the guts, that you’re lacking, or that you don’t “get it” if you don’t live like they live.

One of the biggest things that has kept me from owning my own authority, in my life, my work and my writing, is the ingrained belief that someone else out there has more authority than me, authority over me; someone else, out there, is the expert; someone else, out there, will take care of things. It’s such a place of powerlessness and victimhood. Julie Daley of Unabashedly Female

Maybe it is truly brave to work for someone else and support your family. Maybe some of us need to travel the world in search of ourselves. Maybe others embrace staying close to our homes and our communities. Maybe some of us love our jobs even if they are in a cubicle. Maybe others are better at being self-employed or entrepreneurs. Maybe some of us are not meant to be super-human-ninja-freedom-fighters, but simply human beings living real lives with responsibilities, partners, jobs and simple joys. And maybe we can learn to love the fact that we are not all the same.

Resolve is momentum. Inside you is resolve. Therefore, inside you is your own unique source of momentum.

Likely, each of us has always been on the path we were meant to be on. Our own perfectly flawed, changeable, challenging, amazing, tough and limitless path. It is our truth. It holds our unique lessons. It has been walked at our perfect pace, in our sometimes ill-fitting shoes. Hold your head high. Love your path. It is paved with your resolve.