Katie was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in the suburbs of Ottawa. An avid swimmer and movie-goer, she loved dreaming up plays for her friends to act out. She went to movie camp and took theatre workshops which eventually led to her landing the role of a spinster librarian in a grade eight school play…the pinnacle of her acting career.

After high school and a year traveling with the Katimavik youth program, Katie went on to earn a degree in Film and English. This was followed by a deep dive into waitressing where she met and fell in love with a bartender. They married and had a daughter, Alex, who is now an elementary school teacher in Ottawa.

Katie studied TV Broadcasting at Algonquin College and filmmaking at the prestigious Summer Institute of Film and Television and Women in the Director’s Chair.

In the two decades that followed, Katie had an award-winning career as a screenwriter and director, collaborating on projects in animation, television and motion pictures. She received support from the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts, and her films screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Sudbury Cinefest, Local Heroes International Film Festival and the NSI Film Exchange.

As a freelance writer, Katie has contributed articles to Problogger, Zen Habits, Live Bold & Bloom, Write To Done, Be More With Less, Tiny Buddha and Rowdy Kittens. In 2013, Katie’s manuscript, 22 Mondays (aka Gone Monday), won top prize in the international Mslexia Women’s Novel Writing Competition.

Over the next four years, with her golden retriever (Levi) by her side, Katie began writing the thriller Dark August (Harper Perennial, June 30 2020). The novel is set in the Wellington West neighbourhood where Katie lives with her husband, Andy. She is currently working on a sequel. Her beloved Levi lives on in the novel.

Author photo by Karl Roeder

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